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Integration enhancements and inline image optimization
Integration enhancements and inline image optimization

Release Notes 11/01/2022

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Key Takeaways

  • Dev Assignee - view and edit Jira and Azure Devops Assignee field from

  • Custom importance values - Customize the importance values for your work items on

  • Jira’s Components field - Jira’s Components field is now supported in when integrating with Jira

  • Jira’s Fix Versions field - Ability to map it to a’s custom field

  • Resize inline images - Drag to resize images in work items

Dev Assignee

In this release we are adding ‘Dev assignee’ field to be part of the default fields when integrating with Jira and Azure Devops. As most developers work mainly within the software development tools, and not necessarily have account, Dev assignee field gives you the ability to assign tasks to developers directly from our platform. This gives users the ability to both plan sprints in and sync them to Software development tools, and get updates on the current work item assignee in

Custom importance values

Importance is commonly set to organize the order in which teams should work on issues. Be it the engineering team working on a sprint or a product team deciding what to groom or where to invest time in next. Each organization has its own terminology for classifying levels of importance that best reflect their needs. With this in mind you can now fully customize the ‘importance’ values in Customize the importance values to best reflect how you prioritize your work and to align with the terminology used in the software development tool you integrated with for a smooth and clear transition.

Jira’s Components field

Components in Jira are subsections of a project. They are used to group issues within a project into smaller parts. For example, teams may use components to group issues that describe work on specific data objects, services, plug-ins, or APIs within their project. We have added the Component field to the Jira integration with Enable it in the integration in the Field and Item type mapping.

Jira’s Fix Versions field

Jira’s Fix Versions field is usually used to determine the release version that a given issue is part of (e.g. release 4.12.0). Until now, the Fix Versions field was automatically mapped to’s Release field. As of today, one can also map the Fix Versions field to a’s single selection custom field - first, create a single selection custom field; then, map Jira’s Fix Versions to that field from the integration panel. This is very useful for users who use Release field to describe quarters (e.g. Q1 '2022); Now they can keep using the Release field for determining the quarters, while keeping track of the issues’ version on a dedicated custom field.

Resize inline images

Writing clear requirements and specs is fundamental to product management. Requirements written with accuracy and clarity improve collaboration between you and the dev team. The editor now supports the resizing of images in the item’s description simply by dragging them to the right size.

We hope you enjoy’s latest features! Jump into and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Feedback Portal.

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