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Status Automation Rules Enhancements
Status Automation Rules Enhancements

Release Notes 07/01/22

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Key Takeaways

  • Applying Status Automation Rules - applies the defined rules on the existing items with the click of a button

Applying Status Automation Rules

A few months ago, we released Status Automation Rules. These rules map between Dev Statuses and Statuses, so that Statuses are automatically updated when there are changes in Dev Statuses. For example, you can set up rules so that whenever a Jira item status is moved to “Done”, the item’s corresponding Status is updated to “Dev Done”.

Today we are releasing an enhancement to this feature - Apply rules to existing items. This enhancement solves instances in which a given rule is added to an existing, active project. We added a button on the Workflow & Statuses screen that, when clicked, applies the defined rules to the existing items. In the example below, every item status that displays Dev Status = Done, will be changed to “Dev Done” once the new button is clicked.

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