Adding a Page Design to an Item

You can start adding page designs to items or create new items and then add the page design. The following explanation describes how to add a page design to an existing Item.

  1. From the 3 dots item menu select Page Design.

2. Select a page design from your computer and click Open (optionally, you can click the relevant icons to upload a page design from your Google Drive or Dropbox account)

4. Note that you can add multiple designs per story.

5. Your page design is now part of your Story and the Add Page Items tool will appears in the lower left corner. Now you can mark areas of your page and make them actionable items (page stories).

6. Click the Add Page Items button and mark an area of the image:

7. Once you have marked the area you want, a new window is displayed. Enter the Story Name and Description and confirm. You can assign the new page story to a sprint or assignee. If you want to enter more details, such as Importance, Priority, etc. double click the new page story to open it in full editable mode.

8. Once you have completed entering the details of the Page Stories, they will be numbered and will appear under the image in the sequence they were created. 

Note: You can update your Page Stories at any time after creation, just like your regular User Stories. In addition, you can double-click the areas marked on the image, and resize or move the marks.

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