27/10/21 Release Notes

View item in table & contextual workspace templates

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Key Takeaways

  • View item in table - view an item’s sub-items in a table, with a single click.

  • Enhanced bulk edit dialog - improved UI, added new bulk edit of hierarchy functionality.

  • Contextual workspace templates - ability to save different workspace templates to products, epics, features, objectives, and other item types.

  • Progress breakdown on the Spec Editor & item panel - progress breakdown for products, epics, and features is now available in the Spec Editor & item views.

  • View attachments - view attachments in your browser, in addition to being able to download them to your computer.

  • Current Release/Sprint indication - current Release/Sprint is now marked on the various views.

View Item in Table

Products and epics tend to have many sub-items. Sometimes, there’s value in being able to look at a product or an epic when all its sub-items are presented on the same table. This is especially useful if you want to update the properties of multiple sub-items (e.g., statuses, sprints, etc.) - the table view provides the option to edit properties inline, or multi-select several items and then bulk edit them. In this release, we’ve added the ability to quickly display a product or an epic --and its related sub-items-- in a table view, simply by selecting “View in a table” from the item’s three-dots menu.

Enhanced Bulk Edit Dialog

Bulk edit is a very powerful and useful feature; it allows you to select multiple items and edit their properties together, in a single action. In this release, we’ve improved the bulk edit UI, making it much easier to use. In addition, we’ve added the ability to bulk change the parent of multiple items (epics, features, bugs, and more), as long as all the selected items are of the same hierarchy level.

Contextual Workspace Templates

Guru Templates are preset, best-practice templates that are useful for defining requirements. In addition to using these templates, workspace admins can save custom templates of their own and make them available to the rest of the workspace users. Until today, all workspace templates were shared, regardless of the item type. As of today, workspace admins can save specific templates per item type that will appear in the workspace template list only when workspace users edit item descriptions of that item type. For example, when saving a template of an epic, it will only appear in the list when users edit epics (and not, for example, bugs).

Progress Breakdown on the Spec Editor

The Progress Breakdown tool allows you to see the status of a given item as a breakdown of its child items. In this release, we’ve added the option to also view the progress breakdown from the Spec Editor and the item panel. This is useful when you want to see the overall various progress breakdown of all epics of a given product, or while reading the specification of an epic or a feature.

View Attachments

Until today, to view attachments you needed to first download the attachments and only then view them. This release adds the ability to open and view attachments in the browser, in a separate tab.

Current Release/Sprint indication

Kanban and table views now display release dates, just like sprints already do. In addition, releases/sprints that are slated for the current date are now marked in green to help you to more easily spot your active sprints and releases.

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