23/09/21 Release Notes

Feedback Portal revamp & feedback multi-select

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Key Takeaways

  • Feedback Portal revamp - a new design that surfaces more data in the main page

  • Feedback multi-select - select multiple feedback items simultaneously and edit them all with a single click

  • Feedback sorting - new sorting methods for feedback items

  • Field description - add optional description lines for feedback questions

  • Label management - add, delete and see how feedback labels are used

Feedback Portal Revamp

To ease the process of reviewing incoming feedback items, we’ve reshaped the design of the main page of the Feedback Portal.

First, we’ve made the most important data on the main page more prominent. Each feedback card now also shows its comments and connected items, so that it’s easier to track how incoming feedback is handled, both in terms of communicating it back to the customers, and in terms of connecting it to new or existing Craft.io items. That way, it’s easier to promote each item’s development within the product management cycle.

Second, most actions on feedback items can now be performed from the main page; there’s no longer a need to click into the feedback item to handle it, you can edit the status, connect to Craft.io items, and comment from the main page.

Third, we’ve reshaped the feedback cards, so that each can be collapsed and expanded in a way that enables more feedback items to be displayed on the same screen together.

Feedback Multi-Select

We’ve added the ability to select multiple feedback items, and perform bulk-actions on them, such as moving them to a new category, changing their status, archiving them, and more.

Feedback Sorting

We've added new feedback item sorting capabilities to the main page: sort by status, number of connected items, number of votes, and more. Now you can easily surface any feedback items that aren’t yet connected to Craft.io items, or see which feedback items still haven’t been addressed, simply by using the relevant sorting method.

Feedback Form Field Description

The Feedback form gives you the ability to add specific questions to the portal, and instruct users to provide you with the type of answers you need in a way that helps you get the most out of their feedback (learn more here). We’ve now added support for the addition of an optional description line for each of the questions so that the forms and questions are clearer and easier to understand for its users.

Label Management

We’ve added a dedicated label management area in the settings. Admins and process owners can now create, delete, and see how various labels are used for each of the connected workspaces.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

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