Understanding the status and the progress of items is important for every product manager. All Craft.io items have built-in statuses that reflect their status in the general product workflow. However, the status of bigger items like Epics can also be defined by the overall status of its child items.

The Progress Breakdown feature allows you to view the progress of an item based on its child items. For example, given an Epic with 10 stories, in addition to the Epic status (that is set independently, like “In design” or “Done”), you can view the completion ratio of the Epic (e.g., 30%); in addition, you can also view a more detailed breakdown of the Epic’s stories with a single click (e.g., 3/10 stories are done, 6/10 stories in progress, and 1/10 stories are open).

Note: This feature is available to Pro users only.

The progress indications are available throughout the workspace, specifically on the Kanban, Timeline & Strategic Roadmap views. In addition, the completion ratio can also be added to the Table view as a column named "Progress".

Progress Breakdown can also be viewed across a selection of items when grouping items using the 'Group by' button and clicking on the 'Stats' button next to the name of the group, or when selecting multiple items and then clicking on the 'Stats' button in the multi-select bar at the bottom.

How Progress Breakdown is Calculated

Each status belongs to one of four Status Categories: Open, In Progress, Done, and Closed. The breakdown popup presents the breakdown according to the items’ status category. The overall completion ratio is also calculated according to the items’ status category - “Done” and “Closed” are considered completed, while “Open” and “In Progress” are considered incomplete.

Custom Status Categories

“Open”, “In Progress” and “Done” (but not “Closed”) status categories can be renamed to better describe your unique workflow, and to give more meaning to the progress breakdown. For example, you can rename those three categories to “In Design”, “In Dev”, and “Post Dev”, respectively. In this case, progress breakdown will use the new terms in the breakdown popup, and “Post Dev” (which was originally “Done”) will still be considered completed.

Workspace admins can rename the status categories from 'Workspace settings' -> 'Workflow & Statuses' -> Click on 'Customize'.

Strategic Roadmap Custom Progress

Each release in the Strategic Roadmap includes a release progress bar. Until recently, you could either define the progress manually or set it up to progress chronologically. With the Progress Breakdown feature, we’ve added 3 additional customization controls to the release progress bar:

  • Completion ratio of the “done” epics from the total number of epics in the release

  • Completion ratio of the “done” features from the total number of features in the release

  • Completion ratio of the “done” story points from the total number of story points in the release

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