08/07/21 Release Notes

Enhanced Feedback Form

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Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced Feedback Form - add questions to the feedback form of types single selection, multi selection, date, and number

Enhanced Feedback Form

Craft.io Feedback Portal can be optionally configured with a set of predefined questions. This means that when feedback providers enter the portal, they’re presented with specified questions. The purpose of these questions (or forms) is to empower product managers to direct their feedback providers to relevant questions about a feature or product, so that you receive more contextual and structured feedback. Until today, the only answer format supported was free text.

Today, we’ve launched an enhancement to the feedback form: Product managers can now define the type of answer format they’d like to receive for each question - you can define a closed set of possible answers (single or multi-selection), or define that the answer format is either date or number. With this enhancement, you can create highly structured and accurate feedback questions and forms.

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