21/06/21 Release Notes

Advanced Formulas, Guru Fields & Terminology

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Key Takeaways

  • Advanced Formulas - create complex formulas, including parentheses, to support all types of prioritization scores

  • Guru Fields - added new single selection field presets

  • Guru Terminology - aligned to industry-standard terminology

  • Show/hide empty groups - set your favorite view to show or hide empty groups.

Advanced Formulas

Craft.io’s custom formulas support a variety of arithmetic operations (multiplication, addition, subtraction, etc.) to empower different scoring methodologies. However, some methodologies require parentheses, like WSJF:

To support such methodologies, you can now add parentheses to your formulas, by editing the formula and clicking on the Parentheses button.

Guru Fields - Single-Selection Fields

We’ve recently launched the ability to use selection fields in formulas. Today, we are adding an additional layer - Guru Fields - that provides a set of best-practice preset suggestions for a single selection field type. They also include some cool emojis that can add some color to your workspace!

To use Guru Fields, just create a new Single Selection Field or edit an existing one.

Guru Terminology

Setting up the right workspace terminology is probably one of the most important aspects of configuring a new workspace. For example, while some users use Jira -- in which case the Epic level should correlate to the second level in the Craft.io hierarchy -- others use Azure DevOps, in which case the Epic level should correlate to the first level in the Craft.io hierarchy. Another example is the releases - some will prefer to use the term “release”, as they are using it for deployment releases (e.g Release 2.0.0”), while others use it for describing quarters (e.g., “Q2’2021”).

Craft.io allows you to customize your terminology, so it will be consistent throughout your workspace. Today, we have released Guru Terminology - which provides a set of terminology suggestions that are commonly used in the industry. With Guru Terminology changing your workspace terminology is as simple as clicking your mouse.

Show/hide empty groups

In all primary views (Table, Kanban & Timeline) you can configure the primary grouping of the view. By default, it will present all groups of the selected type. For example, if “group by = release”, it will group the items into release groups. It will also show empty groups i.e., groups that have no items. Sometimes, there are many empty groups in a given grouping, but you only want to see the non-empty ones. For that purpose, we have added the option to control whether to show empty groups or not. This is done using the “Present empty groups” toggle.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Craft.io Feedback Portal.

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