15/06/21 Release Notes

Azure DevOps Areas

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Key Takeaways

  • Azure DevOps integration now supports Multi Areas, meaning one can now assign a Craft.io item to a specific ADO Area.

Enabling DevOps Multi Area

Craft.io’s advanced integration with Azure DevOps, includes 4-level hierarchy, field mapping and more. Our latest release enhances this integration by adding support for Azure DevOps Areas. As of today, you can enable the syncing of ADO Areas directly from the integration’s Field Mapping screen.

Selecting an Area

Once enabled, a new field -- named ADO Area -- will be created in Craft.io. This field is visible throughout the system. Before an item is synced, you can optionally select the destination ADO Area from a dropdown list on the Azure DevOps tab, and the item is synced there accordingly. If a webhook is in place, this field will be bi-directionally synced. Please note that like other fields, the Areas takes place in Azure DevOps only after the sync is performed.

Areas on the table view

Like other fields, the ADO Area field can also be added to a table. This is useful for taking in the overall picture and/or to filter a specific Area. You can also select multiple items, assign them to a specific Area, and bulk sync them to the selected Area.

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