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How to automate Status update from your Dev tool
How to automate Status update from your Dev tool

How to map between the Dev status and status

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Monitoring dev progress across the different items planned for release is a core aspect of product management.’s built-in Status field encapsulates the entire product process, from ideation and design to development and deployment, affecting various views and stats.

The Dev Status field, on the other hand, is a read-only field that is imported from integrated development tools such as Jira and Azure DevOps. This field represents only the development part of the product life cycle.

The Status Automation Rules give you the ability to create rules that will map between the Dev Status field and Status field so that Status is automatically updated when there's a change in the Dev Status in Jira/ADO.

To create an automation rule, go to "Workspace Settings'' -> "Workflow & Statuses'', scroll down to "Automation Rules" and click on "Add Rule" (see screenshot).

For example, you can set up a rule, saying that when a Jira item status is moved to “Done”, the item’s corresponding Status is updated to “Dev Done”.

This feature is super powerful, as it allows you to stay focused on the entire product process, while your developers automatically update the development stage in Jira or Azure DevOps.

Note: to use this feature, should set up a bi-directional integration with Jira / Azure DevOps - either manually, or automatically by enabling the webhook.

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