22/04/21 Release Notes

Feedback Portal: Invite links, Archiving, and Promoting Feedback

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In this release, we’ve put a lot of love and affection into our Feedback Portal, adding some major user-requested features that simplify use and amplify collaboration. Specifically, we’ve improved the user invitation mechanism to the portal and added the ability to promote and archive feedback items.

Company Invite Link

Craft.io’s Feedback Portal enables users to invite other users into groups, called Companies. These groups often represent actual companies that use your products, your customers; but they can also be used for internal feedback collection by representing internal groups within your organization. The main purpose of Companies is to segregate feedback between different companies and enable user access to only feedback given from their company.

In this release, we’ve improved the invite mechanism - in addition to the existing ability to personally invite a user to a Company via email, we’ve added the option to invite via a company-unique link. This means that you can easily and quickly invite a massive amount of users by sending the unique company link to a group email, or to publish it on a webpage (instead of typing the emails in one-by-one). To guarantee that only users from the same company can join their group, each company is defined by a set of email domains; only users with emails that match the specified domain will be allowed to sign up to the Feedback Portal. For example, if company BestCompanyEver is defined by the email domain bestcompanyever.com, then adam@bestcompanyever.com would be able to sign up to the Feedback Portal, but eve@evilcompany.com wouldn’t.

Promote feedback to a feature

Another improvement to the Feedback Portal is the new ability to promote feedback to a feature. In many cases, feedback is given on existing features, and is connected to them using the “connect to items” button. When feedback is connected to an item, it’s visible in Craft.io and can (and should!) be used when making product decisions. However, sometimes the feedback is an idea for a new feature that wasn’t yet added to Craft.io. To support these cases, we’ve added the ability to promote feedback to a feature (or epic): click on “promote to item”, select the location, and an item will be created in Craft.io app with the details of the feedback. The feedback will be then connected to the newly created item.

Archiving a feedback

A third improvement to the Feedback Portal is the new ability to archive feedback. Sometimes feedback becomes less relevant, and there’s a need to put it aside, without deleting it. That’s why we’ve added the ability to archive feedback: once feedback has been archived, it will no longer be visible in the list, but can still be accessed by the Feedback Portal Admin team via the Archive folder. Don’t worry, you can always unarchive an archived item.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Craft.io Feedback Portal.

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