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Kanban Roadmap's Kanban Roadmap helps teams visualize their product roadmap using a Kanban board, providing a clear picture of product status.

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The Kanban Roadmap view is one of the optional views you can select from when presenting your Roadmap.

To launch the Kanban Roadmap view, go to the Roadmap category in the left navigation menu, and then click on the View dropdown next to the View title, and select Kanban Roadmap from the dropdown.

The Kanban Roadmap shows the upcoming releases on a Kanban board, where items are grouped according to their planned release.

This View does not show a timeline and milestones like the Strategic Roadmap, but it does have several distinct advantages that make it very valuable:

1. Filters and sorting can be applied - this is super practical when you want to share just a certain section of the Roadmap, aimed towards a particular audience; for example, you can filter out technical tasks when sharing the roadmap with your Marketing team, or only show the items that are relevant to their product. You can also filter by release, and display just certain releases.

2. This view also presents more details about the various items - the title is fully visible, and other data like status and assignee are displayed by default as well.

When should you use the Kanban Roadmap? We recommend using it when releases represent constant time containers, like quarters. In addition, whenever you need to apply filters and/or see more details about the items, the Kanban Roadmap View is your answer.

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