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How to present your work in a wider & cleaner view

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Updated over a week ago offers a variety of views that product managers can use throughout their work, from defining and prioritizing tasks to creating roadmaps. These views enable product managers to plan and prioritize their work, as well as present it in a professional way. To enhance the presentation experience, "Presentation mode" removes unnecessary controls, hides the navigation panel, and improves contrast for optimal viewing on monitors.
This leaves more space to focus on the product data within the View itself.

To activate the Presentation Mode, simply click on the "Presentation mode" button on the top right corner of the screen (next to "Share" and "Export" buttons).

This mode is great for several purposes:

  • Presentation: this mode is great for presenting to your stakeholders or senior management; it hides the less important aspects of the view so that attention can be focused on what matters- data, work items, and roadmaps. More items also fit on the screen, so less scrolling is needed to access the elements you most want to show.

  • Screenshots: as more data fits on the screen, one can take screenshots of the various views (e.g. Roadmap) and paste them into Powerpoint presentations, etc.

  • Editing: all editing capabilities are still active in this mode. This means that one can still work and edit their items. For example: when working in the Presentation Mode in a Kanban View, more items and columns fit on the screen so it can be easier to edit and manage.

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