11/04/21 Release Notes

Expand Mode & Strategic Roadmap Visualization

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Expand Mode

Today we have officially released the Expand Mode. In this mode, several elements, such as the Left Navigation Panel and the Controllers Row, are hidden from the main screen. This leaves more space to focus on the product data within the View itself.

This mode is great for several purposes:

  • Presentation: this mode is great for presentation with peers and stakeholders; it hides the less important aspects of the screen, so that attention can be focused on the important stuff - data, items, and roadmaps. More items also fit in the screen, so less scrolling is needed to access the elements you most want to see.

  • Screenshots: as more data fits in the screen, one can take screenshots of the various views (e.g. Roadmap) and paste them into Powerpoint presentations, etc.

  • Editing: all editing capabilities are still active in this mode. This means that one can still work and edit their items. As we mentioned above, this mode enables the presentation of more items on the screen, empowering more efficient screen space utilization.

When working in the Expand Mode in the Spec Editor, the Item Hierarchy Tree is now wider, so that more of the item text can be displayed on the tree. This addresses a problem raised by several users who reported that long titles on items were not completely visible.

To activate the Expand Mode, simply click on the Expand Mode button, placed on the top right corner of the screen.

Strategic Roadmap Visualization

Speaking of presentations, we’ve improved the visualization of the Strategic Roadmap. Specifically, we revamped the releases to be much more dominant and colorful, making them more noticeable when presenting the roadmap on large screens.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

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