allows you to map the "Jira Assignee" field when creating an integration to your Jira project, so that you can assign tasks to developers directly from the Craft workspace. Once mapping has been set up, the Jira’s Assignee field will be updated when syncing an item from to Jira. If webhook applies, updating an assignee in Jira will automatically update the correlating field. This gives Product teams the ability to both plan sprints in and sync them to Jira, as well as get updates on the current Jira assignee in

As most developers work mainly with Jira, and usually don’t have a account, such mapping is done by creating a Single Selection custom field in, and then mapping it to Jira’s Assignee field.

To set up mapping, first create a Single Selection custom field from inside your Workspace Settings (Settings→ Custom Fields→+Add), and name it "Dev assignee" for example. In the Labels of the field, add the names of your developers.

Tip: Make sure to write the name of each assignee exactly as it’s written in Jira, to ensure that it will be mapped correctly.

Then just go to the type mapping screen (Settings→ Integrations → Three dots button next to the relevant Jira integration→ Type Mapping), and map the created custom field to Jira’s Assignee field.

Make sure to scroll all the way down and click on "Save".

Now, whenever you sync an item from to Jira, the assignee name will be synced as well.

Also, if you've set-up a webhook in your Jira account, when creating a new ticket in Jira and assigning to one of the developers, the ticket will be synced to together with the assignee name.

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