When importing issues from a Jira project to Craft.io, you can select one out of 2 options:

  1. Sync all open issues

  2. Sync issues matching JQL

In order to Import issues from Jira, open the Integrations menu by going to Settings -> Integrations, and then click on the 3 dots button next to the relevant Jira project name, and select 'Sync' from the menu.

Then select the sync direction from the top drop-down menu: "Jira -> Craft", and select which Jira items to sync from the bottom drop-down menu.

When selecting "Sync Issues matching JQL", you can control exactly which issues you’d like to import from your Jira project (also closed issues), by submitting a Jira Query Language (JQL) query.

For example, in order to sync closed issues, you can include the following query:

Status = "Done" .


  1. We suggest you do a dry-run of your query on Jira before using it in Craft.io.

  2. This feature is currently in Beta, and will be opened to users gradually, upon request.

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