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Workspace Views & Track Status Views

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Today’s product leaders aren’t just masters of the art of product management. Product leaders are also responsible for ensuring that their teams achieve high levels of productivity by establishing methodologies that maximize their output.

Craft.io empowers methodological frameworks for product management by enabling you to analyze product data in a variety of custom views. Save your custom views and share them with your team, so that you can all work with a unique methodological framework built to maximize your productivity.

Saving a Workspace View

Customizing and saving your unique workspace views for the use of your entire team is a highly effective way to define a unique methodology that everyone can use.

Our latest release enables workspace admins to save custom views for their own personal use, and also for other workspace members. New custom views will be visible in the main navigation’s left panel for all workspace members.

After customizing the view, click on Actions -> Save As Workspace View. Next, associate navigation to the new view with a specific category, add a description and you’re set. You can always update your custom view and save it; your modified view will then be updated in all the other members’ workspaces.

Organizing Workspace & Personal Views

After adding a custom view to your shared workspace, it will be readily accessible in the main navigation of the selected category, under “Workspace views”. You can rearrange the order of both workspace and personal views by hovering over the view name → 3-dots → Move up/Move down.

Adding new Personal Views

You can still save views for your own personal use. These views, previously known as Saved Views, are now called “Personal Views”. In addition to saving a personal view from the Actions button (located to the left of the view title), we’ve added a new option to quickly add views. Under the personal views title, click on “New View”, and select your view type. As with other fields, you can always rename it from the Actions button. We’ve also added a search bar to help you quickly locate specific personal views.

Track Progress - Product Status & Dev Status

Part of a product manager’s daily work is keeping tabs on the current status of development tasks and making whatever changes are needed to optimize time to delivery. To support this process, we’ve added two additional views in the main navigation -- Product Status and Dev Status -- under the (also new) Track category.

The first view, Product Status, displays your products’ statuses within the entire Product Management workflow. If you’ve integrated Jira or Azure DevOps with Craft.io the second view, Dev Status, displays the specific dev status of each item so that you can stay up to date without leaving Craft.io.

We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

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