04/06/20 Release Notes

New spec templates, improvements to saved views, & more.

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New spec templates, improvements to saved views, & more.

Let's talk about specs, baby!

In this release, we have focused on updating the editing experience of various data items: Epics, Features, OKRs, and others. We have improved the general experience of the editing of those items in the Spec Editor, Strategic Inputs, and the property panel. We've also introduced a new Rich Text editor for a better editing experience. But the most interesting addition is undoubtedly our new Spec Templates!

Spec Templates:

Writing accurate specifications for user stories is an important task in the life of every PM. In our current remote work climate, this becomes more critical than ever, replacing impromptu chats, preempting questions, and setting the stage for efficient development. Specs need to be clear, contain all relevant data, and be structured well for coherent reading. In addition, when developers work with multiple PMs, it becomes imperative to have a standardized method guiding spec creation, to avoid confusion and ensure consistency across the organization.
That's why in this release, we are launching spec templates to help you write clearer, more refined specs from the get-go. First, we have added several preset templates encapsulating some of the best practices methodologies in the market. Those presets can be instantly loaded when starting to write specifications, and you can choose from a variety of templates available with different styles for various scenarios, like problem-oriented spec, bug reporting, and A/B testing.

Workspace admins can also create their own templates from scratch and then save them to shared Workspaces. These templates will be visible to all Workspace users and help to align the product organization to work in the same methodology.

More updates:

  • You can now insert decimal numbers to story points, so for example, if your story points resemble workdays, you can add values like "0.5", "0.25" etc.

  • We have improved the Saved Views mechanism - previously, when working with a saved view, any changes made would affect and override the original saved view. Now you can play around with a saved view, e.g., changing filters/columns, yet easily return to the original saved view by clicking "Return to last saved view." And as before, you can always rename or replace your saved views at any time by clicking on the three-dot icon beside the saved view name.

We hope you enjoy using our latest features – jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself, and don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in the official Craft.io Feedback Portal.

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