To map Story Points between and Jira, you will need to add the 'Story Points' field on Jira and then connect this field via Type Mapping on Follow the directions listed under both platforms below to activate the automatic syncing of story points.


  1. Ensuring you are logged into Jira, load the following URL, replacing the text youraccount with your Atlassian account name:

  2. Next, navigate to Settings > Issues > Screens.

  3. Select the specific project you would like to map story points to or click on Default Screen to ensure the story point mapping applies to all schemes.

  4. Click Configure

  5. Verify that Story Points appears on the list of fields for your selected project. If it does not appear, add it manually by typing it into the field selection dropbox located at the bottom of the page.

  1. In, navigate to Setting > Integrations

  2. Click on the three-dot icon and select Type mapping

  3. Under Primary Field, next to the Story Points field, select from the dropdown Story Points

  4. Click Save

You're all set! Now story points will automatically sync between and Jira whenever changes are made on either platforms.

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