Learn how to create and utilize Personas

A Persona is a fictional character created to represent the different user types that might use your product in a similar way. Each Persona you create represents a user type with different needs and usage habits.

When creating Personas in Craft.io, you have predefined categories that can be edited, in addition to the option to add custom categories.

Picture - add a picture of your fictional character.
Job - what is the job title of your persona? (mandatory setting)
Name - what is the fictional name of the persona?
Age - how old is the persona?
Gender - what gender is the persona?
Pain - what are the pain points of the persona?
Behaviour - how does the persona deal with the pain points?
Demographic - what is the demographic profile of the persona?
Needs & Goals - what are the needs and goals of the persona?
+Category button - add additional categories that your persona might require.

Creating Personas

1. In the Left menu go to Strategy, and click on Strategic Inputs and then Personas.

2. Click the '+ New Item' sign under the Personas section.

3. Enter the relevant descriptive information for the Persona, based on pre-defined categories, or add your own custom category.

4. Click Cancel to delete the Persona or Done to Save the Persona.

Assigning Personas to a Feature

You can assign a Personas to your Features while you are in the process of defining them.

1. To assign Persona to a Feature, open the item's properties panel and find the Persona property:

2. Click Select:

3. Select a Persona from the list, or click Add Persona to add a new Persona.

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