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A comprehensive guide to’s filters tool.

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Updated over a week ago offers powerful filtering capabilities throughout the workspace. You can filter with dozens of available filters, and see instant results in every view or inside the search panel.

You can filter your Workspace for the relevant data or use the Search Tool which acts as a separate module, allowing you to find specific results without affecting your current work. Using the Filters you are able to create a view of only the data or items that interest you and save it for future inspection and tracking.

Creating a Filtered View using the filters toolbar

  • To open the filters toolbar, click on the 'Filters' button:

  • The most commonly used filters are instantly visible and include filtering by Product and Epic. In addition to these, when grouping by another field (that is not Product/Epic), such as: Status, Release, Sprint etc. - this field will be automatically added to the filters toolbar:

  • You can also click on '+ Add Filter' to select from a range of other filters, including custom fields that you've created or added to the workspace.

Tip: By default, only active items with status categories Open, In progress, Done are listed. If you wish to include items that have already been completed (status category Closed), use the 'Status' filter to filter by either Closed or Select All.

  • To clear all selected filters, simply click the 'Clear' button to return the current view to its defaults.

Filtering item level with the Hierarchy controller

The "Hierarchy" controller button, which appears in various views in the workspace (Product Backlog, Table, Swimlanes, Kanban, Timeline, Capacity Planning), allows you to easily filter the level of items you'd like to show in a specific view - Epic level /Feature level /Sub Feature level/Idea level.

You also have the ability to display items from multiple levels, by switching on the "Flexible Hierarchy" toggle and selecting the relevant levels.

Saving your Filtered View

You can easily Save any query results as a personal or a workspace view. To save your view, click on the Actions button from the top of your screen, then click on Save as personal view/new workspace view and choose under which tab (Strategy, Define, Plan, Track and Discover) to place it under. The saved view would be added to the relevant area. This way you will not be forced to re-create your desired views, rather simply clicking the saved view to continue to work on it.

Exporting your Filtered View

You can easily export any query results to a CSV file format. To export your results in any view, click on the Actions button from the top of your screen, then click on Export view. The filters in use will automatically apply to the exported file.

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