Item Properties Panel

The actions that can be performed in the item's properties panel.

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Each of your work items in has a different set of properties, from being connected to certain business objectives and custom fields, all the way to their connection to Feedback items.

Item Properties Panel tabs-

Properties tab

The properties tab is the first and default tab that opens for an item, including all the item's metadata.
In the first section, you can find status information, assignee, and development-related data.
In the second section, you can link the item to business Objectives and Key Results, as well as connect it to a particular persona.
In the third section, you can easily prioritize your item by choosing one of the industry's leading methodologies for prioritization. e.g RICE, MoSCoW and Now/Next/Later.
In the Capacity Planning section, you can manage the item's required development resources from each team that is involved in the item's development.
In the Custom Fields tab, you can set or create custom fields, that would help you add more context and tell the story of the item.
Lastly, you can find the item's properties- item ID, created date and creator.

Files tab

In this tab you can manage file attachments. You can add, remove and the attachments for this item.

Dependencies tab

The Dependencies tab is a designated location for you to set and manage an item's dependencies. You can select from the list of backlog items that block, are blocked by, or are related to this particular item.

Feedback Portal tab

The Feedback Portal tab is designed to assist you with identifying feedback items that are related and connected to this work item. If the item has connected feedback items, clicking on the three dots provides you with a hyperlink to the feedback item in the Feedback Portal, eliminating the need to invest time searching for it.

Integration tab

Using this tab you can sync the item to your 3rd party Dev tool and see the item sync status. You can use the hyperlink provided to connect directly to the corresponding item in your 3rd party tool (Jira, Azure DevOps etc.).

Activity tab

In this tab you can view the activities related to the item, such as who created the item, when it was given a specific value, when it was synced to the dev tool, and more.

Comments tab

In this tab you can collaborate and communicate with your team. Comment on the item and tag other team members with your comment, as well as view previous comments.

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