The properties tab

Feature properties

The properties tab is the first and default tab that opens for an item, it includes the following fields listed here in a table format:

Table-item properties

The Files tab

In this tab you can manage file attachments. You can add, remove and the attachments for this item.


The Related Items tab

In this tab you can see and set the item's dependencies - you can select from the list other items that block, are blocked by or just related to this particular item.

image 22

The Feedback tab

In this tab, you can find the links to customers' feedback items in the Feedback Portal that are relevant to this item.

image 23

The Integration tab

In this tab you can sync and see item sync status with 3rd party dev tool. You can also use the link provided to connect directly to the corresponding item in 3rd party tool (Jira, Azure DevOps etc.).

image 24

The Activity tab

In this tab you can view activity logs related to the Item - such as who created the item and when was it updated.

image 25

The Comments tab

In this tab you can comment on the item and tag other team members with your comment, as well as view previous comments.

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