25/10/20 Release Notes

Inline Tables, Product Properties & Feedback improvements

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Inline Tables, Product Properties & Feedback improvements

We are excited to announce our latest release at Craft.io, with a focus on updating and enhancing the editing experience of various data items in our platform - including Epics, Features, OKRs, and more.

Included in this release:

  • Our new Inline Table feature - giving you the ability to organize and create specs in a more efficient and structured way.

  • Adding Product Properties - with the ability to select and enter product descriptions, attachments and comments.

  • Additional enhancements - including improvements to the feedback portal CSV and enhanced visibility of feedback inside Craft.io items.

Inline Tables

Writing specifications for user stories is an important task in the life of every PM. Now, writing specs is easier than ever, with the addition of Craft’s Inline Tables.

Tables are a great way to organize Craft.io specs. You can now create a table within a spec description by clicking on the table icon in the Rich Text Editor. Simply define the number of rows and columns required and populate them with information, to help create a more structured spec or enter additional valuable information.

Tables are available in the Spec editor, Strategic Inputs, Property Panel, and Notes.

With the Save as Spec template feature, you can add valuable tables such as SWOT, SOAR, and other methods for your company to use - and align all your specifications with product strategy in one simple step.

Table gif

Product Properties

Our data model hierarchy is set up as Product > Epic > Feature > Sub Feature.
Until now you could add descriptions to all hierarchies other than Product. Now, you can select and enter product descriptions, helping all members of your team understand the highest level and keep everything documented within Craft.io.

You can also attach files and add comments to all products, for greater collaboration within the team.

product description

Additional Release Enhancements

  • Strategic Inputs now have a unique ID that you can copy from the 3-dots menu. This means that you can now add those links as part of item descriptions, and in doing so connect and add more relevant context to these items.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.47.28
  • Exporting the feedback portal to CSV now includes the feedback ID and URL to that feedback in the portal.

  • Feedback items in the Craft app now include full data, including the description and additional fields.

feedback show more

We hope you enjoy using our latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

And don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in our Craft.io Feedback Portal.

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