20/08/20 Release Notes

Unlimited Saved Views, New View Controllers & more

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Unlimited Saved Views, New View Controllers & more

Product data isn’t just specs and releases. It includes all aspects and steps involved in creating a product: user needs, feedback, ideas, product-market fit, market segments, dev status, stakeholder inputs, OKRs, and much more. Craft.io’s rich and flexible database supports all the above, allowing product managers to represent virtually any product data needed using either existing fields or by adding custom ones.

In Craft.io, the various available views (e.g., table, kanban, timeline, etc.) give product managers the flexibility to customize them in order to visualize the product data in the most effective way possible. After customizing, users can then save those views to access and utilize them in the future.

In this release, we have focused on improving the process of the view customization, and have added the ability to save unlimited views.

Saved Views

The biggest improvement in this release is the added ability to save an unlimited number of views. Until now, users were limited to five slots for saved views, meaning if they needed to save a new view, they would need to overwrite an existing one. Now, users can enjoy an unlimited number of saved views, instantly accessing them with a click of a button.

But we didn’t stop there. You can now also save specific Planning Views, simply by navigating to that section in Craft.io, clicking on the “Actions” button next to the view name, and selecting “Save as”. Lastly, users now can also save Capacity Planning views– and as with all saved views, once saved, the views will appear below the Saved Views section in the left menu panel.

Just a reminder: Saved views are only available to Pro users. Users with essential packages – there’s no better time to upgrade ;-)

Save Views As

New view Controllers

As mentioned above, we take our views very seriously here at Craft.io. With this new release, we have improved the views’ controller bar so that you can now adjust and filter views with greater ease. Instead of having separate controllers for “View settings” and “Filters”, all controllers are now always visible, so at any given time you see whether the view has filters, grouping or sorting settings applied to it. Finally, changing the view type is now done by clicking on the view icon beside the view name; and searching items within views is now more accessible and easily located via the search bar at the top right of the view.


Visual Specs

With our rich text editor and spec templates, writing specs in Craft.io is easy and accurate. Now, writing specs is even better with Visual Specs. When you edit the description of an item, click the “Visual Spec” button and add wireframes or other images (upload from your computer, or retrieve them from Google Drive/Dropbox), design annotations on a specific area in the image, and even collaborate with your peers by adding comments and mentions.

visual spec

More updates

Finally, renaming and deleting a product is now easier and more accessible. In the Spec Editor, simply hover on a product in the navigation tree, click on the 3-dots icon, and select to either rename, delete, or link to the product.

We hope you enjoy using our latest features – jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself and don't forget to give us your feedback and thoughts in the official Craft.io Feedback Portal.

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