29/11/20 Release Notes

Advanced Integrations with Azure DevOps

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Advanced Integrations with Azure DevOps

Multi-Project Integration and Simplified Integration

We’ve made several meaningful improvements to our Azure DevOps integration with a new, more simplified integration process. In addition, you can now integrate a single Workspace into any number of Azure DevOps projects.

To start, the integration setup and flow has become more simplified. Simply enter your credentials, name the integration, define the mapping, and you’re done. It’s as simple as that.

You can also improve the integration by adding a webhook that activates bi-directional syncing (i.e., in addition to syncing from Craft.io to DevOps, when updating a DevOps issue it will automatically update the correlating Craft.io item as well).

Perhaps the most significant improvement here is that you can now repeat this process and set up multiple integrations to your various DevOps projects in the same workspace. For example, assuming you are managing a product that works on several different platforms and the development of each platform is being managed in its own DevOps project, you can now assign which Craft.io item syncs to which specific DevOps project.

Once you have set up your integrations, when syncing a Craft.io item, you can choose the DevOps project you want to integrate with. From that point, to update the item, just click “sync”.

To avoid the difficulties associated with managing multiple DevOps projects, each Craft.io item can be synced to a specific DevOps project. In addition, you can always unsync a Craft.io item and resync it to a different DevOps project instead.

Bulk Syncing

In this release, we’ve also added the ability to bulk sync - giving you the ability to multi-select items via the table or Kanban views, and then syncing them all in a single click.

Each item will be synced to its own DevOps project. In addition, every time you sync an item, all children of that item will also be synced to the same project (unless they are already synced to a different project, in which case it will be kept).

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Sprint Syncing

Craft.io and DevOps sprints (i.e. Iterations) are now synced. That means that you can plan your next sprint in Craft.io, and once finished, simply sync all items to Azure DevOps and they will be updated with the updated sprints. If webhook applies, changing the sprint of an item in Azure DevOps will of course update the item’s sprint in Craft.io as well.

Complete Devops Process Support

Starting today, Craft.io also supports all kinds of Azure DevOps processes - Basic, Scrum, Agile, CMMI, and their inherited processes. You can now configure your Azure DevOps exactly as you need, and Craft.io will seamlessly integrate with it. This allows you to map Craft.io item types to any Working Item Type (WIT), whether it is a system WIT or a custom one. Custom fields are also covered in the advanced integration capabilities.


Dev Statuses

Product Management does not end when specs are written and sent to developers. Part of the process is to get updates on the Dev team’s progress - and make adjustments where needed.

Azure DevOps item statuses (i.e., states) are now automatically synced back to Craft.io when webhook is applied. In order to see these statuses in Craft.io, simply add a column named “Dev Status” to the craft.io table, and you can track the progress of the development of your features. You can also add the “DevOps ID” column to see the correlating item ID in Azure DevOps.

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We hope you enjoy Craft.io’s latest features! Jump into Craft.io and try them out for yourself.

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