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New team member onboarding
New team member onboarding

This article is specifically designed for non-product management team members who are onboarding to

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Welcome to! provides a single place for Product, UX, and Development teams to work while giving everyone a clear understanding of where your products are going and how they are supporting the company's business goals. 

You will have been assigned to a dedicated team and depending on your role, have different permissions allocated to you. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Overview of’s key features

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Here’s a good primer to provide context on how is set up and an introduction to our Strategic Roadmapping tool. 

  • If you are involved in the Planning section of, check out these videos of’s key features:

Modifying an item’s properties

Editing an item is easy in Check out this video which explains how to update requirements, add comments and change detailed properties like effort and time estimates. 

Updating an item’s status

Your team may assign items to you. When you receive the item you and have progressed the task, you will have the ability to edit the item’s status and can reassign it back to the relevant teammate. There are two ways to reassign items:

1.   When in the Planning > Manage Features section of, simply hover over the Assigned To column and start typing the name of the user/team you want to assign the Feature to. 

2.   Another way to update who a task is assigned to is from inside the properties of a Feature. To do this, simply click on the Feature to open it, then click on the user icon either in the main editor box or in the Feature Properties panel on the right-hand side.

Track status of items assigned to you

To review which tasks are in your or another team member's pipeline, you’ll need to update the filters in the Planning > Manage Features section of

  1. View as: select elect either Kanban or Table view.

  2. Group by: select Workflow. 

  3. Assignee: Type in the name of the specific team or team member that you would like to track status on. 

Want to learn more about
Explore our Help Center and dive deeper into’s features. 

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