09/12/2019 Release Notes

Check out the new “Saved Views” and “Shared Views” features in the “Planning” section

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Now you can edit, save and share a range of customizable views and Craft.io will automatically save any page settings you make.

At Craft.io, we’re all about flexibility and customization. So with this latest release, we’ve significantly improved the “Planning” section to give you the opportunity for far more personalization.

Now, any changes you make in the page settings are saved automatically and we’re providing users with access to a range of predefined views that can be customized, renamed, and saved.

Additionally, when you share a view with a colleague it will now be saved in their version of Craft so they can access it at any time.

To accommodate these changes and improve the user experience, we’ve also made some changes to the left menu.

Here’s a guide to the new release:

Saved Views

Users now have access to 5 “Saved Views” in the “Planning” section. 

These views can be fully customized to meet the needs of the user. All changes are saved automatically, and you can also rename any of the Saved Views.

The Saved Views initially come with the following predefined settings::

  • Prioritize Features: opens the “Table” view, sorted by “Importance”

  • Plan Releases: opens the “Table” view, grouped by “Release” and sorted by “Date Created”

  • Manage Workflow: opens the “Kanban” view, grouped by “Workflow” and sorted by “Date Created”

  • Track Dependencies: opens the “Dependencies” view, grouped by “Release” and sorted by “Date Created”

  • Plan Sprints: opens the “Kanban” view, grouped by “Sprints” and sorted by “Value”

To rename a view, click on the “3 dots” menu, click “rename” and change the name.

Shared Views

When you share a link to any view in the Planning section with a colleague it will automatically be saved as “Last shared view” in the left menu below.

Auto Save

Any selections you make in the “Planning” section are now automatically saved - so if you leave the page, the same selections you made will appear when you go back to it.

This includes selections you make in the “Group By” and “Sort By” drop-downs as well as any filters that are applied.

When a change is made, the “Changes saved” message appears at the top of the page.

In addition, the “Reset view to default” option has been added to the “3 dots” menu. This allows you to revert the features table to the original settings.

The following changes have been made to the main menu on the left of the screen:

We’ve renamed the main sections in Craft as:

  • Planning (previously “Plan”)

  • Strategy (previously  “Roadmap”)

  • Discovery (previously “Discover”)

  • The “Strategy” section has been moved to the top of the menu.

In the “Planning” section:

  • “Prioritize” has been renamed “Manage Features”

  • “Editor” has been renamed to “Edit Requirements”

  • “Reports” has been removed

In the “Strategy” section:

  • “Releases” has been renamed as “Release summary”

  • “Strategic Insights” has been moved to this section

The “Discover” section has been moved to the bottom of the menu and now contains only the “Idea Portal”

Check Out the New Features

Auto Save, Saved Views and Shared Views are already live in Craft.io. So log in right now and try it out.

And then let us know what you think about these and any other features by adding a comment to our Idea Portal.

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