The story 3 dots menu adds more functionality and actions performed at the story level.
To open the menu hover over the story symbol next to the title and click the 3 dots menu; 

The following details the different actions that can be performed from the story left menu.

  • Edit - open story in edit mode
  • Add Subtask - add a subtask to the story, for more on subtasks look Here
  • Page Design - add a page design to your story, for more on page designs look Here
  • Attach File - attach one or more files to your story  
  • Add Related Item - add links to related stories (blocks, blocked by, related). For more about dependencies look Here
  • History - watch all changes made to story and revert changes if desired. Use the left and right arrows to move back and forward and click Revert to set the desired version.
  • Share Item -  Share the story with external viewers using LiveShare links, for more on LiveShare look Here
  • Release/UnRelease - mark the story as Released, the story will be excluded from all workspaces and views by default.
  • Delete - Delete Story. Note: this can not be undone.

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