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Exporting your Workspace
Exporting your Workspace
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While we recommend viewing your Workspace online or sharing it with a real-time LiveShare link, you’ll sometimes find that you want to share an offline, printable copy, or use your Workspace data to perform ad hoc analysis. offers two options for exporting the content of your workspace:

Export to CSV

The exporting for CSV option is useful when you wish to perform some analysis on your work items and the data attached to them. In the file that will be generated, the columns will represent the default and custom fields you have in the current view you're exporting. This option is available from any view, except the Spec Editor, Strategic Roadmap, and Quarter Summary views.

To export your data, click on the 'Actions' button from any relevant view, and choose 'Export to CSV' to download your file.

For a seamless export of your Workspace data for report creation, we recommend using our Public API (available for Enterprise customers).

Export to PDF

If you wish to export your products and work items as a PDF file, presting only the Title and description of each item, you can do so using the export to PDF option, available only from the Spec Editor view.

In the Sepc Editor view click on the 'Actions' button, and choose 'Export to PDF' to download your file.

Tip! You can choose to include filters when exporting. When doing so, your exported file will inherit your workspace filters and will only include filtered data. For more information about filters look here.

Export to PDF is also available for your Product Wiki, which is found in the Strategy area. click on the 'Actions' button, and choose 'Export to PDF'. You can generate a new export file or download the last exported file.

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