Getting Started

Craft is a single place for Product, UX and R&D teams to work in while giving everyone in your business a clear understanding where your products are going and how they are accomplishing your company's business goals. here is a quick guide on Craft's main workspaces:


Use the Roadmap workspace to set your releases, goals, initiatives and milestones in an intuitive drag and drop interface, and present them in many possible layouts such as dateless mode, products portfolio or as side by side columns. With the Stories workspace, you can prioritize stories, set their meta data and assign them to sprints and teams


Your Plan workspace is where stuff gets done! You can view your Items as List or Kanban boards, group and sort your items in backlog, workflows or any of the additional grouping options, drag and drop your items, batch assign values and much more.  


The best way to describe this workspace is as the first editor made specifically for product management! Here you can define and describe your user stories in the most visual way, add your product screens and annotate your stories directly on top of them 

Other Workspaces

Story Mapping - One of Agile’s best methods for discovery, You can use Craft’s Story Mapping workspace for ideation and stakeholders understanding of a full structure of an idea or a feature.

Feedback Manager - Easily connect user feedback to product stories and priority decisions using an online form or Intercom integration.

Reports - Get useful progress reports on how your teams are doing implementing your next release.

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