The Craft-Intercom integration allows you to use "Craft tags" to categorize your feedback items into categories and subcategories.
Note: To learn how to setup your Intercom sync, click here

After finishing the Intercom setup, you'll notice that some "Craft tags" were added to your tag pool inside Intercom

Those are the tags corresponding to your feedback categories in Craft. the format of the tag is: _CRAFT <category name>

Tagging the conversation as a feedback item

1. Hover over the conversation message to bring the tagging icon, and click it

2. Based on the feedback type, choose the relevant category tag for the feedback and click Save

When you'll reply to the conversation, assign it or add a note to it, the conversation will be synced into Craft and will be filed in the General feedback subcategory under the Feature requests & ideas category.
So this action in Intercom:

Translates into (in Craft):

Adding subcategories to conversations

After adding the category tag to a message, you can also add a subcategory tag by using the following syntax: csc: <subcategory name> (e.g. csc: Social sign in)

Note: In order for the conversation to be imported into Craft it has to have at least the category tag - messages with subcategory tag only will not be imported

These tags:

will be translated into this categorization

Note: When more than one category tag is added to the conversation, the conversation will be imported into the General subcategory of those categories (regardless of the subcategory tags)

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