You can use your Intercom account to enhance your feedback management in Craft.
For more information on Feedback management in Craft click here.

Setting up the connection

1. Click the Sync with Intercom button

or if you've already added some feedback, click the "Sync With Intercom" button on the bottom left

2. Click the Sync button on the ride side panel

3. Choose your Intercom product and click Connect

4. After the success message, close the right panel and and configure the webhook inside Intercom

Adding and configuring the webhook inside Intercom

1. Go to your Intercom account, click on your avatar (bottom left) and choose 

2. Go to App settings and click on the Developer tools link

3. Go to Webhooks (left side menu) and click on the "Create webhook" button

4. Set Webhook URL as:
and choose the following events:

  • New message from a user or lead

  • Reply from a user or lead

  • Conversation opened

  • Conversation closed

  • Reply from your teammates

  • Note added to a conversation

  • Conversation assigned to any teammate

Click on Create webhook and you are all set with Intercom setup.

The conversations tagged with Craft tags in Intercom will now be synced into Craft upon the webhook events.

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