You can create your Teams and Members and manage their user privileges.

To create Teams

1. From the C Menu, Press the Team Manager icon at the right.

2. Select the '+' sign to create a new team.

3. Enter a new Team name, select a new Team symbol and click Save.

4. Click OK to confirm new Team creation.

5. Click the Invite Member button.  
An invitation to the member is sent and when the user accepts the invitation through an E-mail message, he will automatically appear as part of the Team.

To add a Member 

1. Click the Teams button from the toolbar. 

2. Select a Team from the list.

3. Click +Member to add a new member to the team.

4. Insert the email address of the new team member and click '+'.

5. Select the new Team Member and click the Privileges selection.

The following are the types of privileges you can assign to a team member:

  • Account Owner - The top level user.
  • Admin - Top level permission after account owner
  • Team Leader - A member of the team with extra privileges related to their team's management
  • Can Edit - A member who can edit and collaborate.
  • Can Collaborate - A member who can only collaborate (view only)
  • Visitor - User who is not logged in.

4. Select the new Team Member privileges from the menu.

To learn more about the user permissions, click here.

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