Through the Strategize panel you can create and manage product-related topics that form the strategy of a product. As they are only related to the strategy and not to the product, they are not part of the planning process. You cannot assign topics to a roadmap Version, a Sprint or assign them to a team or a member.

The Strategize menu consists of a list of predefined Topics and the option to create your own custom topic.
When hovering over any topic from the Strategize panel, the Item Toolbar appears. To learn more of the Item Toolbar functionality, click here.

The following predefined topics are available: 

  • Summary - describe your product and solution, what does it do and why are you creating it?
  • Goals - what are the high level goals your product is set to achieve (i.e Increase Active User Base)?
  • Initiatives - What initiatives are planned to achieve your goals (i.e Incentives for users to invite more team members)?
  • Personas - what are the characteristics used to describe the users of your product?
  • Target Audience - for which customer / company segments are you targeting your product?
  • Positioning - where is the product positioned in the market segment? what is your positioning statement?
  • Competitive Landscape - Who is your competition, what key information can you enter about their products?
  • Supported Platforms - what are the platforms your product is supporting and will support?
  • Supported Browsers - what browsers and browser versions your product will support?
  • Keywords - what are the main keywords representing your product?
  • Terminology - what is the common terminology used by your product?
  • Notification Events - what notification event will your product send out?
  • 3rd Party Services - what 3rd party services will your product use?
  • Environments - The technology stacks you will use to build your product? 

You can also add your own custom topic.

Learn to add a Topic

1. Press the '+' sign on the Strategize panel, and select 'Topic'.

2. Select the Item type from the menu.

3. Enter a Name and Description, and click + Add Item.

4. Click + Next Item to add an additional item, click Cancel to delete the item, or           Done to save the Item.

Learn to edit a Topic

1. Select the topic to edit from the Strategize panel.

2. Hover over the Topic header and select Edit. 

3. Edit the Title or Description and click Done, or click + Add Item.

Learn to delete a Topic

1. Select the topic to delete from the Strategize panel.

2. Click the icon beside the topic to remove, and select Delete.

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