The Timeline view is a great way to visualize how your user stories, improvements and other items are being progressed across time. use it for planning, tracking and to set dependencies.

View Items over Timeline

The timeline view will show any item in your product that has either start date or end date. You can set those under the work log section in the items properties panel, or from the search panel, when you are in Timeline view.

Visualize Items Dependencies

Items showing in Timeline view will visualize any dependencies they have with the relevant shape arrows. You can also set and edit dependencies directly from the Timeline view.

Group Items 

You can arrange the Timeline View to group your product items under the following groups:

  • Backlog: Group by backlog and sprints
  • Workflow: Group by a team or member's workflow statuses
  • Container: Group by a roadmap containers
  • Created By: Group by a team member who created the items
  • Epic: Group by epics
  • Goal: Group by a Roadmap goals
  • Importance: Group by items importance
  • Initiative: Group by Roadmap initiatives
  • Item Type: Group by Item Types
  • Theme: Group by Themes
  • Teams: Group by entire teams
  • Members: Group by each team member
  • Ungroup: Show all items without grouping

Add existing item to a Timeline

To add an existing item to the Timeline View, set its start or end date (or both). You can do this from the Work Log section in the items properties panel, or directly from the search panel while in the Timeline View, using the date icon, placed to the right of every item in your search results. Craft will show all your items without start and end date values in the search panel, by clicking the Assign icon from the floating action bar.

Create a new item

To add a new item to your Timeline View, double click on the relevant date and group you’d like to add the item to.

Timeline Settings

You can use the Timeline settings for the following actions:

  • Default Item Length - The default number of days when creating a new item.
  • Default Item Type - The default item type when creating a new item.
  • Date Range - The date range the viewable Timeline workspace will start and end in.
  • Work Starting Day - The first day of your working week day.
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