To discuss and comment on any item in your product, use the chat option inside each item.

For any message that you write, you can mention an entire team or teams, and one or more members. 

Item Talk

You can read, write and edit your messages directly inside each item's Talk section. typing "@" will reveal the teams and members dropdown fro you to select who you'd like to mention.

Message Preview in Editor
Recent messages will appear in Editor workspace as you read and scroll between different Epics

The global Talk panel
The global Talk panel is a great way to see all the messages you have in your product. you can include activities to see your product activity log as part of the message stream, you can also filter the messages in panel for:

  • All - show all messages from everyone
  • My Team - show only messages where my team was mentioned
  • Me - show only message where I was mentioned

The Talk panel will also show you which messages are unread yet, making it a great working tool to quickly read and answer requests by other team members.

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