The Items workspace where work gets done. 

The idea behind the Item workspace is that you can group and sort all your user stories, requirements, improvements, tasks, bugs and sub tasks in many ways and then view them either as a List (Excel like), Board (Kanban-board like) or over a Timeline.

Switching between Views:

Any search, filter, grouping and order will apply when you move between viewed, allowing you the have a powerful workspace to work with in order to get whatever job you have right now done.


You can arrange your product items in the following groups:

  • Backlog: Group by backlog and sprints
  • Workflow: Group by a team or member's workflow statuses
  • Container: Group by a roadmap containers
  • Created By: Group by a team member who created the items
  • Epic: Group by epics
  • Goal: Group by a Roadmap goals
  • Importance: Group by items importance
  • Initiative: Group by Roadmap initiatives
  • Item Type: Group by Item Types
  • Theme: Group by Themes
  • Ungroup: Show all items without grouping


You can sort the items in your current in the following order:

  • Drag & Drop: Your own custom order, drag and drop items to reorganize them
  • Order by Container
  • Order by Create By user
  • Order by Date Created
  • Order by Effort¬†
  • Order by Epic
  • Order by Hour estimation
  • Order by Feedback count
  • Order by Roadmap goal
  • Order by Item importance
  • Order by Roadmap initiative
  • Order by Item ID
  • Order by Item Type
  • Order by Kano category

Click the order by item a few times to toggle between ascending and descending ordering.

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