Craft comes with 5 built-in item types*: 

  • User Story
  • Page Story
  • Requirement
  • Improvement
  • Bug
  • Task

*Themes -> Epics is the high level hierarchy entities that any of the above item types can be related to.

Each of these items include a predefined set of fields:

  • Importance: Low, Med, High, Blocker
  • Effort: 1 - 10
  • Value: 1- 10
  • Story Points: Numeric fields
  • Kano: Basic, Performer, Exciter
  • Persona: Link to defined persona
  • Labels: Linked labels

In addition to the above fields, you can set up your own custom fields:

Creating a Custom Field

You can create and manage your custom fields from your product settings page, available from your avatar’s drop down menu.

Available data types: 

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Dropdown Selection (Single and Multi Select)
  • Priority Score (See full details on Priority Score here)

Setting up field name and appearance: Once a data type was chosen, you are asked to give a name and choose an icon for your new field.

Linking the Field to an Item Type: Next, you can choose specific item types in which this new field will appear in.

Number type options:

For the number data types, you can choose if your field will appear as a “slider” or a “+/-” control.

Selection type options:

  • Single Selection: Allows the user to select one item from the list.
  • Multi Selection: Allows the user to select one or more items from the list.

You can control the order of items in your selection values by dragging and dropping values into position.

Editing, hiding and deleting your custom fields

For each of your existing custom fields, you have the following actions available:

Edit: You can add your custom field properties, except for its data type.

Hide: Hiding a custom field will remove it from all of your product workspaces, but will keep its data in the database which will be available again to you once you unhide it.

Delete: Deleting a field will remove it and all its data, this cannot be undone.

Viewing and Using your fields in your product

Your custom fields will appear across your product in the following places:

  • Item Properties Panel (for the linked item types).*
  • Stories - you can show your custom fields appear as a column by choosing it from the “Columns” dropdown.

*You can control the order in which items will appear in your Item Properties panel by drag and dropping your custom fields into the desired order under your product settings page.

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