The Board view is a column view with a Kanban Board-like behavior. Use it to view all your items as cards and easily drag items between columns. Among other grouping options, the board view is a great layout for sprint planning and for workflow management.


You can arrange your product items in the following groups:

  • Backlog: Group by backlog and sprints
  • Workflow: Group by a team or member's workflow statuses
  • Container: Group by a roadmap containers
  • Created By: Group by a team member who created the items
  • Epic: Group by epics
  • Goal: Group by a Roadmap goals
  • Importance: Group by items importance
  • Initiative: Group by Roadmap initiatives
  • Item Type: Group by Item Types
  • Theme: Group by Themes
  • Ungroup: Show all items without grouping

Sorting columns:

You can sort the columns on your view in ascending or descending order from the Order drop down on the top right menu.

With Drag & Drop selected, you can also change the order or the cards inside their column, in addition to dragging and dropping it to another column.

Multi selecting and batch actions:

The Stories workspace allows you to set actions and values in two ways:

  • Inline per item - most values on each line of any item are editable on click
  • Assigning to multiple items - when selecting multiple items, you’ll see Craft’s multi action bar at the bottom of the page. This bar allows you to bulk assign values to all your selected items in a single click

Use backlog grouping for sprint management, filter your view with backlog and current sprint to see its scope and progress, or add the next sprint for planning.

To view past sprints and their released items, make sure to add the filter modifier "Item Status: All"


We’ve made Craft flexible and customizable so that each team that works on a product, can set their own workflow and work by it. The default workflow per team is To Do -> In Progress -> Done, but you can add as many steps / statuses as you want to your team’s workflow and rename these as you see fit. For example, for your product team, your workflow could be To Do -> To Define -> To Review -> Done, while your UX team’s workflow can be Ideate -> Wireframe -> Prototype -> Research -> Deliver.

You can create and organize teams from the teams and members menu, available from the top left "C" menu, and customize workflows directly in Items Board View -> Workflows. 

Depends on the way the team works, a workflow can also be set to Kanban mode, by setting the max items per column:

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