The List view is a table view with an Excel-like behavior. use it for grooming, planning, make prioritization decision or any other job you need get done.


You can arrange your product items in the following groups:

  • Backlog: Group by backlog and sprints
  • Workflow: Group by a team or member's workflow statuses
  • Container: Group by a roadmap containers
  • Created By: Group by a team member who created the items
  • Epic: Group by epics
  • Goal: Group by a Roadmap goals
  • Importance: Group by items importance
  • Initiative: Group by Roadmap initiatives
  • Item Type: Group by Item Types
  • Theme: Group by Themes
  • Ungroup: Show all items without grouping

Selecting columns to view:

You can set your List workspace to show more or less data using the columns selector, available from the small arrow attached to the right of the List view icon. Just add or remove columns you’d like to show in your view. 

Changing columns order:
You can drag and drop visible columns to a different position, by hovering a column grabbing the column 3 lines on its right hand side.

Resizing columns width:
You can resize your column's with by hovering the column and dragging and dropping the blue line right or left.

Sorting columns:

You can sort any column on your view in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header, or from the Order drop down on the top right menu.

Adding custom fields:
You can add your own custom fields to an Item, which you can then make visible in List view. custom fields can be added from you product settings or directly from your List view table.

Multi selecting and batch actions:

The Stories workspace allows you to set actions and values in two ways:

  • Inline per item - most values on each line of any item are editable on click
  • Assigning to multiple items - when selecting multiple items, you’ll see Craft’s multi action bar at the bottom of the page. This bar allows you to bulk assign values to all your selected items in a single click

Assigning items to teams and members

You can assign an item to one or more teams or members from the item line or to multiple items by selecting them. For each assignment, you can set an ETA, Actual Time Spent and its workflow status.

The Build workspace includes a much more detailed columns view to manage your workflows and tasks.

Searching and Filtering

Craft offer a powerful searching and filtering throughout the product. You can search and filter with ten’s of available modifiers, see instant results inside our search panel or apply them to any workspace, you can also save your search for later or export their results as a .csv file. Learn more

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